Electrostatic Oiling Machines

Reliable and rigid construction of DUMA-BANDZINK oiling machines guarantee constant high-quality results for the steel and aluminium industry. We cover all areas of electrostatic oiling – from regular, cost-efficient machines for applying rust-protective oils via specially developed machines for the application of different special oils, including Drylube up to special machines for micro-oiling in the aluminium industry. All machines offer flexible handling of strip speed and oil layer quantities.

In addition, existing older DUMA oiling machines can be modernized to fulfill newest standards and state-of-the-art technical requirements.

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High Voltage
PLC-controlled; electronic high voltage transformers are mounted directly on top of the oiling machine and operate according to oil layer an strip speed.

Locking system
The new locking system is equipped with an electronic safety switch and a special key system which cut off the high voltage feed automatically in case the machine has to be entered for maintenance or adjustments.

Spray bars
Our current spray bar type with integrated heating is designed to apply present day oil layers of less than 0.5 g/sqm.

Dosing pumps
Today, dosing pumps are controlled via servo drives and cannot be adjusted manually any longer (constant dosing pumps). Electronic dosage of the dosing pumps in a wide range eliminates adjustment errors and has significant technical and environmental advantages due to precise oil layer adjustment and less oil consumption.

Oil return
By integrating a new sump tank system including pump, valve blocks and return filters, the oil types are separated and returned back into the respective working tank. That implies less mixed oil and pure oil types. DUMA-BANDZINK inspects your oiling machine to determine the status quo and to suggest a modification that suits your requirements.